I had been thinking about a serious commitment to losing weight, eating better and getting healthier for a long time before actually starting trying to be healthier (especially lose weight). Thus, I had researched weight loss tools apps, and wearables along the way. I love using apps and gadgets as a hack for making things simpler and easier, but I know that I need to be practical with my time and use only what is needed (e.g. logging food is important for me) and takes the least amount of time. Once a person gets familiar with the initial high priority tools, then start integrating others into habits. Below are a list of tools I recommend to use at the beginning of trying to lose weight and/or change bad eating habits:

Food & Drink Logging – MyFitnessPal App & Website – Free Version – Weight Loss Tool

I found the free version to be the most comprehensive calorie counter and food logger of all the weight loss tools. Some of the features I find most helpful are:

  • Recipe creation
  • Food Database adder
  • Syncing with related apps and wearables (*I recommend integrating this with Strava to automatically bring in the calories burnt by exercise and adds the calories burnt to your calorie allocation for the day.)

There is a community here as well that can be used for inspiration, support and accountability.

Desktop vs Mobile App

I find the app is more user friendly than the website in some ways. However when I need to import a recipe page to automatically grab the recipe and calculate the calories, the desktop site is easier.


Exercise and GPS tracker – Strava App – Free Version – Weight Loss Tool

This is to track my distance walked. I am walking every other day, but really despise walking (I can’t run due to my knee injury), thus having some kind of beneficial data that I can actually see is helping in my resistance to doing this. Also, the free functionality links to most fitness wearables. Strava is great for those wearables that monitor heart rates and yet don’t have GPS (e.g. Garmin Vívosmart HR) as it can sync using your phones GPS and you can the get the heartbeat data while running for example.