Calories: Dinner

Calories: dAY

Time of Meal Start: 7:20pm, Sat, 16 September 2017

Although the dinner ended up being high in calories, it would normally be much worse I resisted eating the predinner fatty foods and stuck to healthy choices.


Had a “mile stone moment” last night at my wife’s colleague-friend’s daughter’s birthday dinner at their home.

As per the local and typical world-wide celebratory food supply, the snacks supplied before the main meal were mostly unhealthy, here is the list:

  • veg and venison (normally would devour 4 of these at least) samoosa’s (fried triangle shaped spicy springroll type dish)
  • baked maize bread (carbohydrates, which I am trying to avoid)
  • mini lamb burgers (2 inches high and 2 inches in diameter) and
  • marinated chicken breast pieces (5g-8g each) on a tooth pick with satay (spicy peanut butter) sauce to drip on.

Normally, I would eat the most or at least on par with the person who eats the most of these premeal snacks.

I ate the least, excepting the marinated chicken with drops of satay sauce, which I had 5-6 toothpick

Did have small amount of fried stuffs and 2 beers, due to pressure.

The only not good bites I had was a venison mini-samoosa and a mini burger, all because the hosts offered it directly and it would have been rude to so no in a group like that when they went through so much effort and they wanted everyone’s approval that their cooking was good.

Why did I drink beer?

When there are a group of people (9), I feel strange to be the only guy that would drink water, so I had 2 Blue Marlin beers (it says Heineken in MFP because Blue Marlin has not been listed there yet).

Dinner – Lobster and Salad Only

The items listed under dinner in the MFP food diary screenshot and can be seen directly in my public weightloss food diary.

After the beers I only had water and the only thing I had from the picture is 3 lobster tails and salad and some coconut chutney (not listed in MFP, but I did overestimate some of the other ingredients.

I didn’t have the garlic bread or even the sweet potato mash (which could be considered healthy, but the carbs was an issue) that was on offer.

Dessert – Didn’t eat anything

Just had an espresso, when there were crownies, baked crescent moon sweet bread type thing and soething else. not much of a sweet tooth.

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