You are not going to lose weight by eating banana chips!

Yesterday, I got this Indian “Haldiram’s Banana Chips Black Pepper” snack thinking it was low in calories as compared to Lays chips see “kettle cooked lays black pepper chips” on MFP as surely its healthier than lays chips, but the 100g bananachips packet was 550+kcal which is 10% more than Lays.

No Salt – Seriously?

One thing that striked me as odd was that it has no Sodium (which is the nutrition info for salt) – see Myfitnesspal nutrition info here and then checked at a secondary source here –

Unless it is some other kind of salt (e.g. celery salt maybe), this nutrition info is wrong as Lays has 190mg for 100g.

Weight loss info on Banana Chips info on Banana Chips