Yesterday, I did my first gym session in my recent losing weight and getting healthier lifestyle since last month (had a few hiccups in this time). And today, I did my second session which consisted of:

  • 20 min elliptical with 5 minute cool down – 2.9km over this time
  • Tricep extension and bicep curl machine superset – 3x10 reps each (click links to see images of similar machines)

Personal Trainer Makes such a difference when gyming!

Then I had a half hour free session (he ran over in to 45 minutes) with a Personal Trainer (Personal Torcheror) as part of my joining the gym. What a difference! I worked much harder than the previous day, which is more efficient and effective! The only thing is, I am not sure if its because of I didn’t eat something in the morning, but after the below approximation of exercises I did, I was light-headed, felt nauseous for 5 minutes (didn’t get sick though) and low energy. Also, I know this is related to my low fitness level from not exercising at all for a while.

Exercises with the Personal Trainer

Below is a rough idea of what I did in this session, I pushed to have the weights set at my 90%-100% effort level, so changed it normally during or after the first or second set:

  • horizontal seated press 1x12, 3x8
  • leg extension 1x12, 3x8
  • stomach crunches 4x10
  • lateral pull-downs 1x12, 3x8 to chest
  • lateral pull-downs 1x12, 3x8 to behind head
  • seated leg extensions
  • leg curl 1x12, 3x10
  • and I think one or 2 more

How many calories do you burn weight lifting?

I am using MFP to log everything (food, exercise etc.) and I was wondering how many calories are burnt weightlifting and see that its not the easiest answer, so I am creating a “How many calories are burnt lifting weights?” research page that contains all my research and thoughts in this regard.