Why I am wanting to know how many calories I burn lifting weights?

I am logging my calories

After my second gym session I wondered “how many calories are burnt lifting weights” as I am using MyFitnessPal to log my calorie intake (food and drinks) and my calorie expenditure (just exercise and much more loosely).

What I realised while researching calories burnt lifting weights

Many sources don’t have this info

So I started trying to find sources and lifting weights calorie calculators and found out that many possible sources don’t include calories calculated for lifting weights. I can sort of understand this not being included in most posts, calculators etc. as the lifting weights part of a gym session (non-aerobic gym exercises) consist normally of many machine and or dumb/bar bell exercises and most would not consider inputnig this info iinto a calculator so specifically, thus most sites/people dont supply this information.

CALCULATORS FOR CalorieS Burnt Lifting Weights

Prohealth – RESULT: 360 calories burnt for 50mins of light ot moderate weight training at 144kg body weight.

Shapefit – RESULT: 380 calories for 50mins of light ot moderate weight training at 144kg body weigh