I finally started changing my unhealthy lifestyle on 7 September 2017. I am hoping this sharing of my experience kills two birds with one stone by helping keep me on track with my own healthier lifestyle journey as well as help others (especially those that have food addiction, compulsive eating and/or lack of motivation) to improve theirs. Below I introduce myself, my thoughts, health status and more. The exact content of this post is:

Weight (kg)


Height (cm)



30+ is considered obese


Body Type: Obviously fat, although I carry it quite well, most people think I weigh 120kg max (A bit of an ex-rugby player/American Football type of physique

Diabetic: Not sure, not been tested but possible

Work: A remote digital marketing freelancer (inactive work)


Left Knee Injury

While playing indoor football (soccer) in +-2010 I tore my left knee’s ACL and Meniscus ligaments due to being overweight (didn’t get tackled, just happened while I was about to kick the ball) and not having sufficient muscles to ease the strain. I had ligament repair surgery a year ago, but I didn’t do the Physio properly and is now reoccurring (especially as I have put on more weight +-6kg). Part of my healthier lifestyle plan is too build these muscles too slow the degeneration as much as possible

Right Knee

I can feel ligament twinges in my right knee that are similar to the torn left knee ligament symptoms, not diagnosed though. These twinges have happened 3 times between June and early September 2017. Activity level: sedentary, just started walking +- 30 minutes every other day


My Health Status at the beginning of my trying to lose weight

(September 2017)

Basic Health Stats

Current eating and lifestyle habits

Binge Eating

I am a binge eater to the extent that I have eaten 3 normal adult meals in one night, go overboard with all-you-can-eat sushi and consume 2 pizzas in a sitting.

TV & procrastination are a trigger for bad eating

I have gotten in the habit of always eating when watching series, movies or any video type. This also stems from using food as an excuse to watch some entertainment video when I should be doing something else e.g. work, learning, exercising

How work impacts my weight, eating better and having a healthy Lifestyle

Working as a remote digital marketer is not the best in terms in health and activity. I had a health tracking wearable that checked my steps for the day, and just being in an office where I needed to get up for coffee and interacted with office colleagues added at least a few hundred steps to a couple thousand that I don’t do as a remote worker unless I am consciously trying (which I was not before Sept 2017).


For many years I have eaten with no regard to my stomach being full. I eat past that by a long way and am “out-of-tune” with my body in that regard

My Short Term Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Goals as a Food Addict

  • Food Quantity: Eat less quantity per meal and per day as I consider myself addicted to food (first public admittance), which is not great to admit
  • Improve quality of the food that I eat (only been five Days since I started change, so not qualified to say it in the past tense)
  • Increase my activity level

My long term goals for losing weight, better eating & having a healthier lifestyle

My 2 year goal (see my short term weight loss goals) for my continuous never ending journey to lose weight, eat better and have a healthier lifestyle are:

  • Lose Weight: Lose 30 kg to end up at 110kg
  • Decrease pant size: Reduce my waist line from 46 (as of beginning Sept 2017) to 36, but if 38 is what I stay at, I will be happy
  • Portion size: Reduce portion size
  • Change relationship with food/Eating habits: Change my constantly grazing/devouring of food habit to a more normal
  • Overcome my triggers
  • Keep Consistent: I have never been able to lose weight and keep it off below 130kgs for the last decade

Examples of binging/overeating during August/september 2017:

  1. Ate 2 pizzas in a sitting numerous times with sides as well, normally.
  2. Ate 3 normal dinner meals within 4 hours starting at 7:30pm, that night it was chicken stirfry with rice and salad, chicken wing basket with chips and pad thai)
  3. KFC box meal + extra chicken piece
  4. Eaten 600g of Biltong (South Africa’s – Beef Jerky but better) in a sitting as a snack a few times
  5. Constantly eating all the time , I mean it, as I never felt hungry
  6. I ate 4000+ calories for 2 hour period for Dinner starting at 10pm, on 12 September 2017 (a lapse in my new healthy eating journey), The food included rice, Upside Down Bowl, roast chicken, fruit and yoghurt.
  7. I ate 30 ProVitas with scrambled (5) eggs, pan cooked aubergine and onion with chilli sauce betweem 11am and 2pm (see my food log for 15 September)


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