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Gyming with a personal trainer is much more effective – 2nd gym session

Yesterday, I did my first gym session in my recent losing weight and getting healthier lifestyle since last month (had a few hiccups in this time). And today, I did my second session which consisted of: 20 min elliptical with 5 minute cool down – 2.9km over this time Tricep extension and bicep curl machine superset – 3x10 reps each (click links to see images of similar machines) Personal Trainer Makes such a difference when gyming! Then I had a half hour free session (he ran over in to 45 minutes) with a Personal Trainer (Personal Torcheror) as part of my joining the gym. What a difference! I worked much harder than the previous day, which is more efficient and effective! The only thing is, I am not sure if its because of I didn’t eat something in the morning, but after the below approximation of exercises I did, I was light-headed, felt nauseous for 5 minutes (didn’t get sick though) and low energy. Also, I know this is related to my low fitness level from not exercising at all for a while. Exercises with the Personal Trainer Below is a rough idea of what I did in this session, I pushed to have the weights set at my 90%-100% effort level, so changed it normally during or after the first or second set: horizontal seated press 1x12, 3x8 leg extension 1x12,...

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Gymed for the first time while trying to lose weight and change my lifestyle

In my effort to lose weight I have joined the gym that is 100 metrres from my most used office space, Vida e Cafe  (a coffee shop) at La Croisette. It felt good and will definitely be going tomorrow and often in the future. I am focusing on Strength training with a 20 minute starting cardio session. Today, I started with Crosstrainer (see pic below) and ended up with 20minutes + 5 mins for cooldown and then an hour for strength training focusing on upper body and trying to do supersets. see this article with the pic at my...

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Lays Chips vs Banana Chips – Lowest calorie winner is surprising!

You are not going to lose weight by eating banana chips! Yesterday, I got this Indian “Haldiram’s Banana Chips Black Pepper” snack thinking it was low in calories as compared to Lays chips see “kettle cooked lays black pepper chips” on MFP as surely its healthier than lays chips, but the 100g bananachips packet was 550+kcal which is 10% more than Lays. No Salt – Seriously? One thing that striked me as odd was that it has no Sodium (which is the nutrition info for salt) – see Myfitnesspal nutrition info here and then checked at a secondary source here – Unless it is some other kind of salt (e.g. celery salt maybe), this nutrition info is wrong as Lays has 190mg for 100g. Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new...

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Recommended Weight Loss Tools: When starting weight loss

I had been thinking about a serious commitment to losing weight, eating better and getting healthier for a long time before actually starting trying to be healthier (especially lose weight). Thus, I had researched weight loss tools apps, and wearables along the way. I love using apps and gadgets as a hack for making things simpler and easier, but I know that I need to be practical with my time and use only what is needed (e.g. logging food is important for me) and takes the least amount of time. Once a person gets familiar with the initial high priority tools, then start integrating others into habits. Below are a list of tools I recommend to use at the beginning of trying to lose weight and/or change bad eating habits: Food & Drink Logging – MyFitnessPal App & Website – Free Version – Weight Loss Tool I found the free version to be the most comprehensive calorie counter and food logger of all the weight loss tools. Some of the features I find most helpful are: Recipe creation Food Database adder Syncing with related apps and wearables (*I recommend integrating this with Strava to automatically bring in the calories burnt by exercise and adds the calories burnt to your calorie allocation for the day.) There is a community here as well that can be used for inspiration, support and accountability....

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Lobster Tail Dinner was a Good night for me in terms of weight loss and healthy lifestyle habits!

Calories: Dinner Calories: dAY Food Diary Link Food Diary Screenshot Time of Meal Start: 7:20pm, Sat, 16 September 2017 Although the dinner ended up being high in calories, it would normally be much worse I resisted eating the predinner fatty foods and stuck to healthy choices. Predinner Had a “mile stone moment” last night at my wife’s colleague-friend’s daughter’s birthday dinner at their home. As per the local and typical world-wide celebratory food supply, the snacks supplied before the main meal were mostly unhealthy, here is the list: veg and venison (normally would devour 4 of these at least)...

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